It is really easy to get to Fener Beach. Just grab a bus from the bus-station in Bodrum and make sure the bus is heading towards Akyarlar. A bus should be leaving every 15 minutes or so. You pay 5 lira each way, so less than 2€ for a one hour trip.

You can ask the driver to drop you at Fener Beach. After cruising down the slopes for an hour or so, you should see a nice lighthouse on the left side of the way. If your driver do not drop you after the next turn you need to ask him to do so, this is the beach and you will probably already see a kite or two in the air.

– Not too busy, you have lots of space to practice new tricks or for the beginner to learn to master the basics.
– Reasonable rigging space.
– Crystal clear water, you can see the seafloor and also all the way to opposite island Kos of Greece.
– You can have good strong wind without too big waves and a reasonable chop.
– Easy to get to.

– 1 hour in a local bus twice a day can get tiresome if you stay for a long time.
– No food around, so bring your own or find some in nearby hotels.