kitesrufing in boracay bulabog beach
Kitesrufing In Boracay, Bulabog beach

If you visit the Philippines, one spot not to miss is the legendary island of Boracay. Considered one of the gems in the KiteBoarding Globe, one of the top spots in the world, Boracay and its Bulabog bay is certainly worth a visit.


– We liked the atmosphere on the island. The locals are nice and speak good english. You can meet loads of visitors from all around the world.
– You get wind most of the days. Probably one of the safer windspots in Asia if you plan to ride your whole range of kites. We were cruising on kites ranging from sizes of 8m2 to 15m2. Click here to check how the wind is blowing.
– Clear water and paradise-ish environment to cruise around.
– Relatively cheap.
– Reasonable housing for around 300€/month.


– Tourists flock here at high season (December-May) and can get very crowded, both on the streets and on the water.
– Most likely the most expensive part of the Philippines and relatively expensive for an southeast-asian country.
– Seafloor is at times uneven and has sea urchins when you travel a few ten meters off shore, mostly small ones but we spotted a few bigger ones as well. Remember to wear protective footwear at all times. We were wearing these really comfortable mares equator shoes, they protect you pretty well against all but the most biggest ones and as long as the spikes do not enter from above:

– Got stung by a jellyfish like portuguese man o’ war, so they are around and on some days you could see flocks of portuguese man o’ war washed up on the beach, especially on the south side.
– Hard to find a good internet connection, unless you stay high-end and certain restaurants.

Most important pointers for a spot assessment:

– Watch out for other beach users and be careful not to crash your kite into fellow kite surfers kite lines
– The wind comes in on-shore most of the time, be careful not to crash your kite in the trees, especially when the tide is high and the beach is small.
– Wear protective footwear at all times to not get poisoned by a sea urchin, the black ones can make you sick and weak, I stepped on one and caught a fever, was not able to kite for two days.

The island is relatively small and busy so many hotels can be full during the busy season. We recommend booking a room in advance, at least for a few days, so you can wander around and look for the perfect location for your liking and maybe bargain a great deal, without having to carry and worry about your kitesurfing gear.

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Kitesurfing Boracay
Kitesurfers and beach users, watch out for the black sea urchin, its spikes can easily penetrate many rubber shoes and its sting can make you sick.
Kiteboarding Boracay
Small sea urchins on the seafloor of Boracay

To watch what it looks like under the sea on Bulabog Beach, Boracay, have a look on youtube: Boracay sea urchins