kitesurfing in chumphon
The beach in Thung Wua Laen (North of Chumphon town)

If you like to visit a place a bit more quiet than most other kitesurfing locations in Thailand you can give Chumphon a try.
You have two options, either south or north of town. If you like it super quiet, head south to Sai Ri Beach . Here you won’t see another kite in the air and the whole beach is for you.

During our stay in January there was a constant shore break and the water was pretty choppy. If you are a experienced rider this spot can work well for you, but if you are in the early stages of your kiteboarding career the constant waves hitting in your back can be a pain in the a**. This beach is also not very attractive looking, with a lot of debris everywhere. You won’t find enough space to rig your kites in front of the main road but walk a bit south and you will find more space. We rigged our kites next to where the river meets the ocean.

There really is not much else to do this in this part of Chumphon and finding good food is hard so we really can´t recommend staying here for longer periods of time, if this is not exactly what you are looking for, a ghost town with ok kitesurfing conditions.

Kiteboarding Chumphon
Ready to go kitesurfing
kitesurfing chumphon
Kitesurfing in chumphon can be a bit choppy

If you like having a private beach please check out De Sea Almond

We stayed here and it seemed like the best hotel in the area. The Family rooms with sea view are lovely, you have a terrace facing the sea and kitesurfing is only a few steps away. The breakfast was served with fresh vegetables grown very locally in the backyard greenhouse. The old lady does not speak a lot of english but her daughter Apple is also lovely and speaks pretty fluent english and is always willing to help out.

Up north you find a much more attractive beach, Thung wua laen, with more places to stay and more restaurants to eat in.
The beach is much wider, so it is easier to rig your kite and also the surroundings are more pleasant to the eye.

There are many more options to choose from, when planning on where to stay. We stayed at a pretty good place with a nice pool called Nana Beach Hotel.

You can check availability here: Nana Beach Hotel

Thung wua laen was much more lively than the southern beach and with many good restaurants to try out. Even the shore break seemed friendlier here.

Chumpon could very well be thought of as one of the not yet widely discovered kitesurfing spots in Thailand.

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