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Cuyo islands in the philippines is a great place for kitesurfing

If you are travelling in the philippines on your kitesurfing holidays, cuyo islands is a place worth visiting if you are not in a big hurry. The wind is blowing fairly consistently during the winter season from november until march, with december and january usually with the strongest and most consistent wind. It takes a while to arrive to the island so if you are on a tight time schedule, cuyo islands might not be the place for you.




– Mostly consistent and strong wind for asia (20-30+knots) during the season (november-march)

– Shallow water on the reef side capusan beach

– Main kitesurfing beach capusan beach is right next to the pier where boats arrive and depart

– More than one kite beach

– Possible to do downwinders in beautiful scenery

– Locals are friendly and helpful

– Cheap lodging, food and drinks



– Not too much to do besides kitesurfing

– Gets boring after a while

– Restricted choice of food