Denmark is a really small country and beaches are found everywhere, some places better suited for kitesurfing than others.

In general we found that the wind can get really strong, so especially during autumns its not the beginner friendliest conditions that you are going to find, be sure to bring your small size kites. We stayed for a week during september 2011 and rode around the island in a SUV and noticed that it was raining all the time, maybe we were only just unlucky, but This part of Europe (Denmark, Holland, Belgium) is known to have lots of rain, not the most enjoyable setting for most people.

Typical day in denmark
It was pretty rainy during our stay in Denmark

There are too many places to cover in Denmark, but please visit kitemekka for a complete list of kiteboarding spots in Denmark.

(Unfortunately some of the spot descriptions are in danish, If you need help please contact us and we will try to give you and translation. Contact us here