kitesurfing in hua hin
Kitesurfing in Hua Hin can get crowded but there is loads of space to kite around

Hua Hin is one of the closest and best spots to Thailands metropol Bangkok, so if you can´t wait to get kiting, head to Hua Hin, it is only a 3 hour bus ride from Bangkok.


– The beach in Hua Hin is 7km long so you have plenty of space to rig your kite and to walk back up wind “the walk of shame” as we all did in the beginning and as you progress from a beginner to a full blown pro.
– The best and longest lasting winds of Thailand. From April to May it is hard to find good wind in Thailand but in Hua Hin you get good thermal winds in the afternoon still in May.
– Lots of kite surfers around, but not too many to make it really crowdy. You have space to kite and its easy to make new kitesurfing friends.


– Can get infested with jellyfish. Some are dangerous and can leave you with scars or in the worst case scenario a trip to the hospital, even fatalities have been reported. Others less so, but protect yourself by wearing protective foot wear, jellyfish pants, something on your head and of course a lycra or a long-sleeved shirt to protect most of your body. Almost all jellyfish stings are a result of not protecting yourself properly.
– Be careful when renting a motorbike. The local police will try to find any excuse to fine you with regular road blocks.

Hua Hin is quite popular among farangs (westerners) and some places can be fully booked, to lock in the best deals in advance, please click here. Thank you for your support!

To check the wind conditions click here

The forecast might not promise much during march, april and may but you regularly get a decent sea breeze in the afternoon and should be able to ride anything from 8 – 15m2 on many days during march – may.