You have lots of space kitesurfing in khanom but there are some waves
You won’t find too many other kite surfers on the beach in khanom

Another not so well known kitesurfing spot in Thailand, Khanom is a small village/city just south of the popular embarkation point to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, that is, Don Sak Pier. The beach in khanom is long and beautiful as any other beach in Thailand and if you are looking for a place where you won´t be distracted by other beach users or kiters, khanom might be worth a try.

You can stay in a hotel that is just at the beach, so getting out on the water only takes a few minutes. Setup your gear in your backyard and you are ready to go. You should get some decent wind during the time the wind is coming from the east, october-april and we had some good wind during our stay in january. There seems to be a shore brake when it is windy so khanom might not suit someone in their early stages of learning.

If you love good food, you can not miss khanom for any reason. The best food We´ve ever had in thailand or anywhere for that matter, can be had in a lovely restaurant called Dusty Gecko, in the first “centre” of Khanom. Instead of going bankrupt after all the eating, imagining you must of have spent hundreds of dollars on this quality restaurant you´ll be surprised for how few greenbacks you´ll get away with it. I guess that´s why we returned every single day and evening. No one can match this quality/price ratio. You will always leave with a big smile on your face after visiting Dusty Gecko.

But lets get back to the kitesurfing

The pros:

– Easy to make a stopover here on the way to one of the islands from Don Sak pier.
– You will have lots of space, we did not encounter any other kite surfers on the beach
– The seafloor was really flat, we did not stumble on one single rock.
– Dusty Gecko restaurant in town offers delicious food.

The cons:

– Strong shore brake and frequent choppy waves, not suitable for beginners
– Really small, if you are looking for action you might get bored pretty quickly if there is no wind for a while, but Dusty Gecko will save you for some time.
– Not too many places to choose from if you want to stay at the beach, many hotels seemed to be out of use.

Click here to check if you find a place you would like to book and stay in.

We stayed at Chonnapha resort, a nice affordable hotel at the beachfront, with a large rigging area right in front of the hotel. Perfect for your kitesurfing trip to khanom and with table tennis available for evenings/days without wind.

To check the wind conditions, Click here