kitesurfing on koh phangan
Kitesurfing on Koh Phangan can be a blast, flat water!

Koh Phangan is a lovely island on the east coast of southern Thailand. Koh Phangan is known for its infamous full moon parties, but offers much more than that. Yes you can find a party on every single day on the island, but it also offers some really relaxing surroundings in a very beautiful paradise like environment.

The best time of the year to experience kitesurfing in paradise on koh phangan is from january until march with the most consistent wind in february, even though you can have some wind throughout december-may. At this time the wind is blowing from the southeast and hits the surroundings of thong sala from a good angle. This is very convenient as thong sala is the pier were the boats arrive and leave so you do not have to carry your kitesurfing gear all that much. It also provides turquoise water and good visibility and practically no waves. Surfing on this flat water is like a sightseeing of paradise. This is a very good location for beginners and for practicing tricks.

The pros:

– Flat and beautiful water, easy for beginners and for working on your tricks.
– Relaxing feel of staying in paradise
– Spot close to the harbour with a few good lodging options right next to the beach
– Lots of things to do if you have no wind

The cons:

– It takes a little work to arrive. Either you have have to fly to neighbouring island of koh Samui, get yourself to one of the ports and take a ferry to koh Phangan, or you have to take the buss/train from Bangkok to either Chumphon or Surat Thani and take a ferry from there to koh Phangan, which will first go to koh Tao or koh Samui, depending on where you go. So it´s a bit of moving your gear aroung to arrive.
– The wind is usually not that strong, best bet is to bring your biggest kite, we used mostly 13 and 15m2.
– Not a lot of space to rig your kite (always launch with the kite facing the water).
– The seafloor is mostly sand, but there is sharp vegetation around and if you are just learning, chances are, you will get your feet bruised up if you do not use protective gear. If you still haven´t got any we recommend these cheap, light and comfy mares equator shoes:

– A bit more expensive than mainland, it is an island, but still cheap
– Gets crowded, specially during full moon and the area close to the pier, good idea to book in advance so you don’t have to move around with your gear which you do not want after the rather long trip to get there.

Click here to book with the best prices in advance and avoid the hassle of carrying your stuff around the island looking for a place to stay.

If you want to stay right next to the kitesurfing spot, choose Thong Sala / Bantai
area and one of the following,

Lime n Soda Beach Front Hotel (we stayed here and they have free pickup from the pier),

Da Kanda Villa Beach Resort
Phangan Villa, there is a kitesurfing shop managed by Peter operating through the resort and you can have lessons if you are a beginner.

To check the wind conditions click here