kitesurfing on koh samui
When its low tide, its really low tide when kitesurfing in Hua Thanon on Koh Samui

Koh Samui is Thailands biggest island and luckily it gets some decent wind. There are three different kitesurfing beaches on the island and the wind direction mainly directs which beach you should head for. In the north you have Mae Nam beach, where the wind is more random and its more difficult to find a good place to set up your gear. To the west you have the town of Nathon, where you can have nice long rides in a spacious environment from april to october. The best spot on the island is without a doubt Hua Thanon beach. The wind blows from an angle that hits hua thanon roughly between october and april, with december and january being the best months with the strongest and most consistent wind, with many days around 20 knots.

Hua Thanon is at the southwest corner of the island, look for the tiger zoo and aquarium, once there just take the small path to the beach, the pedestrian road is next to the orchid resort and you will see a pool and concrete building on your right side. If you continue straight you will arrive at the beach. There is a KBA kiteshop on your right side, I have worked there for a few seasons and it is a quality place with good prices. If you are looking for classes while on holiday on koh samui, look no further.

The red pin on the map above shows where you should try to navigate, this is where you enter the beach.

The pros:

– Flat, shallow water. Easy for learning both basics and practicing tricks.
– inside a lagoon protected by a reef barrier, very safe and easy training conditions.
– Very seldomly gets crazy wind, usually pretty light and stable, good for learning.
– Great relaxing environment with a reasonably priced restaurant with good food almost right on the beach. If you get hungry, take a few steps out of the sun and order a chicken sandwich, comes with fries and mayo, they are delicious.

The cons:

– Relatively small (also depending on tide), can get busy during the high season, you don’t always have tons of space.
– Tidal movements can be big. Rarely do you have too much water, but if you are unlucky you can end up with on-shore wind and deep water, not the easiest conditions to start learning. And the further the season goes the more really low tides you get, to the point where you sometimes do not have enough water to kitesurf safely.
– The southern part should be avoided (stay north of the kiteshop), lots of coral rock on the seafloor. If you are a beginner and might end up there, protective boots are recommended if you don’t want to mess up your feet. If you still haven´t got any we recommend these cheap, light and comfy mares equator shoes:

The Island of koh Samui is by comparison pretty big, the ring road that goes around the island is about 60km long so you have quite a few options of where to stay. The area around hua thanon is very quiet without any action, look for a place to stay there if you want to stay near the kitesurfing beach and away from the action and crowds.

Lamai is the next closest area with some more action, lots of restaurants and a pretty nice beach. It is way louder but still relatively close to the kitesurfing beach, just a 10 min ride on your scooter or a cab.

Still further up north is Chaweng. This is the party centre of the island. For people looking to have a place to have beers and party every single night. For people who like this, you won’t be bored immediately, but Chaweng is at least half an hours drive from Hua Thanon.

You can find more relaxed places and beautiful beaches in the Bo Phut, Mae Nam and Choengmon area, but these are already so distant that it will be inconvenient to get to the kitesurfing hotspot. Nathon is the main port to the island, you will come a cross less of western influence here and a nice thai atmosphere, but it is also more than half an hour away.

If kitesurfing is your main activity we recommend staying in either in the Hua Thanon area and its surroundings or on Lamai beach.

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Windguru usually gives an indication of what to expect for the day, but don´t be surprised if it promises nothing and you have great wind, especially during december and january the wind is pretty consistent. It is on the light side though, We´ve been riding on kites ranging from 8-18m2 here, so bring your big kite if you have one.