Malibu Beach Mui Ne

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Malibu Beach is a good alternative for Mui Ne Beach along the mainstrip in Mui Ne.

The shore break is not as rough on Malibu Beach and it is usually a bit less crowded than Mui Ne beach. Malibu beach usually also gets better wind than Mui Ne beach. Malibu beach is not ideal for beginners since you get constant waves coming in, but if you enjoy a little bit of wave riding and boosting of kickers, it´s a pretty nice spot.


The easiest way to get to Malibu beach without getting fined by the random police officer looking to bank in on your “not valid in vietnam” drivers license while riding your motorbike is to head up to the main road ( Vo Nguyen Giap) and head east until you get to the first round about, exit to the right and drive across the road and enter a gate. There is a security guard that asks for a 10 000 dong (less than 0.5$) service fee, but its a better choice to pay for that and enter a nice resort and have your gear in a controlled area. We have heard of motobike theft and even knife threatening robberies when just parking your bike on the side of the road and heading to the beach by yourself.

Inside they have a surf club where you can enjoy resfreshments and easy access to the beach where you can setup your gear.

If you really like it, why not stay at one of the hotels close to Malibu beach.

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  • Stronger wind than on Mui Ne Beach
  • Waves
  • Sand beach
  • Nice change from the main strip ( Mui Ne beach)
  • Large area to surf on, you can head upwind or downwind if too busy



  • Waves
  • Can get crowded