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Probably more known for its night life, restaurants and Vinepearl amusement park ( which we liked), Nha Trang can also serve as a decent kitesurfing spot.

Nha Trang usually does not get as much wind as Mui Ne or Phan Thiet, but we were riding on 9m2 kites on windy days on the main beach. So if you are moving around with your kitesurfing gear, why not give it a try.

We liked:
– Lots of other activities to do besides kitesurfing.
– You can kite of the main beach get back and head in for lunch or have refreshing drinks.
– Once out on the water there is practically unlimited space for you to ride around, not many kites out on the water.

We did not like that much:
– A common beach, so you have lots of beach users around, be careful to not cause any trouble.
– There was a sign prohibiting kites on the beach.

We talked to the local kite surfers and they said there is no problem kitesurfing on the beach if you use the southern part of the beach. Look out for Than and his kitesurfing spot and you know you are at the right spot.

Kiteboarding in Nha Trang
Kitesurfing in Nha Trang

We did see this sign though, so make sure you are not on the busiest part of the beach, head south.

Sign prohibiting kitesurfing in Nha Trang?
Sign prohibiting kitesurfing in Nha Trang?