Phan Rang – Thap Cham

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Most people who come to Vietnam for kitesurfing stay at Mui Ne. While Mui Ne is a pretty nice place to stay it is not exactly a very good place for beginners with a strong shorebreak and at times too many fellow kitesurfers to watch out for. It also does not get the best wind.

Phan Rang – Thap Cham is a small city located roughly 150kms north of Mui Ne. At Phi´s Kiteschool just northeast of phanrang city there is a kite spot that gets better wind than Mui Ne on any given day. The spot also has shallow and flat water, a lagoon is formed inside a reef. This makes the spot more suitable for beginners and people interested in having lessons. If you like waveriding you can just ride through the reef and you have some nice waves to ride or use as kickers to go sky high.

In Phan Rang you wont encounter too many tourists and it feels much more like “the real Vietnam”. People are friendly here and meet foreigners with a genuine smile, we also found that you are more likely to get the right price on most things here and its also cheaper than Mui Ne.

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  • Stronger wind than in Mui Ne
  • Shallow water
  • Flat water
  • Wave riding
  • Huge spot
  • Affordable storage and other facilities at Phi´s kiteschool
  • Cheap


  • Shallow water and some rocks/poles in the water
  • Wind can get gusty when blowing straight from the north and when it gets really strong
  • High tide can arrive late in the day and there might not be enough water in the lagoon until afternoon
  • A bit remote and less things to do on no wind days or evenings


The tide plays a huge factor in phan rang, if its low tide there simply isnt enough water in the lagoon to go kitesurfing. You can walk out to the reef if you can´t wait but those days when there is high tide all day long are much nicer. You can use an app called Tides for android and iphone (search free tide tables) to see what the tide is going to be like. If its low tide, less than 1.0m, the spot looks more or less like the picture below, so a good rule to know is that the lagoon is surfable when the tide is around 1.0m or higher.


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