Searching for the best kitesurfing places on the philippines
Searching for the best kitesurfing places on the philippines


The Philippines offers some of the most consistent winds of asia and beautiful surroundings. The locals speak probably the best english you can find in Asia so it is easy to move around and explore and communicate your needs. We will definitely return here and investigate more spots.


Useful things to know before you arrive:

- Many kite surfers have reported of their luggage being stuck in Manila. So if you fly with a stopover in Manila be sure to check your kitesurfing gear as sporting equipment to reduce the risk of having to wait for days for your equipment to arrive.
- Many of the local ATMs have a limit on your withdrawal amount, so if you look to save in expenses bring some cash, which you can exchange at good rates in many corners.
- The local people are very friendly and helpful in general. Even if you do not buy what vendors have to offer, they do not get offended, they stay friendly and wish you a nice day.


Useful things to know before you depart:

- Most airports have a departure tax so make sure to save some philippine pesos for the airport so you don´t get stuck there or have to withdraw money from the atm only to be able to cover the tax. From Boracay it was 500 pesos, around 10€/$.


Have a look at our list below to check out some of the gems.