Tabuba is the less known lagoon in Cumbuco. It is quite big and you should have enough space to ride around and practice your tricks. It is a little tricky to reach, we and many others got stuck with our rental the first time we went there. Best way to go is by a buggy or 4×4, but the lagoon can also be reached quite easily by a normal car as long as you reduce the pressure in your tires so they are really soft, have a few pieces of wood handy in case you get stuck and know what track to drive ( follow others, a video with the route will be uploaded shortly).





– Flat water.
– Consistent wind.
– Pretty big lagoon, but can still get crowded, especially during local holidays.
_ Fairly easy to reach.


– Can get crowded, as most lagoons close to Fortaleza.
– Water does not taste good when you crash.
– You might get stuck with your car the first time you try to reach it.
– Wind usually drops in the afternoon.