kitesurfing in thailand
Kiteboardingglobal is finding the best kitesurfing locations in Thailand for you

Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and not without reason. Thailand has it all, paradise islands, temples, beaches, nightlife, friendly people, anything you could ask for and it´s cheap and safe.

Useful things to know before you arrive:

- The wind is usually not very strong in Thailand and even if you occasionally can ride your 9m2 kite, a normal size in Thailand would be 12-14m2. Check the wind on your preferred spot to get an indication of wind strength.
- The local people are very friendly and helpful in general and most understand english enough to get by, but tourism has grown so big in Thailand that occasionally when you refuse to buy something you don't need some vendors can loose the smile on their face, don't let that ruin the otherwise promised land of smiles.

Useful things to know before you depart:

- Without a visa, most tourist will get the permission to stay 30days in Thailand. If you stay longer than this you will be fined, 500 baht/day, so be aware of that when you book your flights and move around. You always get 30 new days if you go somewhere else and fly back in to thailand, if you travel by road you only get 15 days.

Have a look at our list below to check out some of the gems.