The wind window

The wind window is a term used by kiteboarders all around the globe and it is important to understand the wind window before you attempt to fly your kite.The space within which you can fly the kite corresponds to ¼ of a sphere
There are different areas in the wind window and it is crucial for your safety that you understand which areas generate the most power and which areas the least. To make it easier to have reference points on the wind window, the edge of the wind window can be looked at as part of a clock showing the times from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. When you are flying a kite, you will always be in the center of that clock. So flying your kite to your left side equals guiding the kite to 9’o clock and guiding the kite to 12´o clock means that you will guide the kite straight above you. and Equally keeping your kite at 3 o´clock would mean that your kite stays far down on the right side of the wind window.


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