Kitesurfing in Boracay

Kitesurfing is all about having fun, forgetting about worries and living in the moment. You don´t think about setbacks when you are out on the water, you are in the moment, immersed and zoomed in on your ride. It is one of the best ways to feel the thrill of freedom. It´s the best feeling there is.

We aim to share the best information available and kiteboardingglobal is the best place to look around wether you are looking for the best kitesurfing spots in the world, lessons and tips, educational and inspiring videos, the best and most affordable gear available or simply want to have conversations around various topics among kite surfers alike. If you are a beginner we strive to make your journey into a independent kitesurfer as easy, safe, quick and fun as possible.



Kiteboarding is a sport that is not that competitive and kite surfers are usually friendly open minded people who happily help and socialize at the beach so don´t be afraid to go and have a small chat with people you meet at the beach, you will probably get some useful information, you can watch out for each other and sometimes even make life lasting friends.

We also strive to constantly update our library with new kitesurfing locations so that you can find the best spots around the world and plan your kitesurfing holidays accordingly. When you know where to go and what to expect, you can prepare in advance and have a successful vacation.