kitesurfing at yyteri beach
Yyteri beach is a spectacular kitesurfing spot on the east coast of Finland.

Yyteri is a legendary kitesurfing spot in Finland. Wide and long sand beaches are rare in Finland, but Yyteri manages to stretch out for six kilometres and is ridiculously wide. You have all the space you could ever need to rig up your kite and out on the water as well.

The pros:

– Super long and wide beach. You won’t run out of space here.
– Shallow pretty far out, good spot to start learning the sport.
– Lots of lodging options and some restaurants/shops around
– Works on winds coming from south through west, all the way up to north
– Constant wind, usually only gets small gusts when its blowing from the north

The cons:

– The water is pretty cold yeararound, so you will be likely to want to wear a wetsuit, this is Finland after all.
– Depending on where you live/resort, you probably have to drive for a while to arrive.
– You have to walk and carry your gear the last stretch, no cars allowed, which actually is good warm up

To find your way to Yyteri, have a look at the map below, you can open it in full by clicking the “View on Google Maps” button and get driving directions.

You actually have two options to arrive at the beach. While driving on the main highway nr 2 ( Mäntyluodontie) the intersection north of the TEBOIL gas station will lead you to the main beach strtip. Here you have access to more services (shop, hotel etc.) and there is a surf/kitesurfcenter at the beach. If you prefer staying where it is crowded, this is your place. The beach will also be more crowded which you may like or dislike.

To check availability for Yyteri Spa, click on the image below:

The other option is to turn west on the road south of the TEBOIL gas station. This will lead you to the cottage area of Yyteri. This place is even more so relaxed and you get to experience real summer-cottage life if you stay in one of the fine cottages that are for rent in the area. Most of them have saunas so you can relax, warm up and enjoy the nature and a real Finnish sauna after you´ve been kitesurfing the whole day. This is perfect for couples and groups, the cottages are spacious and can provide sleeping space for several people.

When you want to go kitesurfing you just take the intriguing path laid before you that will take you to the beach. The wooden bricks will escort you most of the way, and when they end you can already see beautiful sand dunes and the ocean in front of you. This is one of the favourite spots that kiteboardingglobal visits every year. If you have a weekend of wind in the forecast, there is nothing better than going kiteboarding to yyteri and spending a night or two in one of the cottages.

To check availability for the cottages, please contact Yyter Sun Oy +358 2 6244188, or navigate trough

You can also of course choose not to stay overnight, but for most people its a several hours drive in both directions, so if the the forecast looks goods we always recommend making the best of it and staying overnight, its an experience you won’t forget.